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The launch of Playboy magazine, Indonesia, has sparked a heated reaction in the world's most populus Muslim nation.Muslim leaders condemned the publication as "moral terrorism" that destroys the nation's way of life.A group of 150 Muslims from the Islamic Defenders' Front made a peaceful protest in April this year.

The first edition went on sale April 12, featuring scantily dressed women, with no nudity, and seemed milder than other hot magazines already on sale in the country.Yet many Islamic preachers were against the publication of Playboy due to the reputation of the name alone, which provided sufficient grounds for it being banned by the government.

The chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama, the country's largest Muslim organization, said, "Indonesia is different from Europe or America, where the culture and attitudes towards nudity are totally different from ours. [Playboy] simply has no place within our social norms."

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