Dr. Ahmed Adam

How to Create a Personal Leadership Brand ?

A woman is usually described as a man’s better half. Is she the better half or is she the only half that matters? Is she a half at all? A man is usually measured by the success he achieves in life, by his material possessions, and by how “high” he has climbed the social ladder. Part of this self-proclaimed success in this “man’s world” is a nice car, nice house, nice business, nice children, nice wife, nice friends, nice holidays, nice toys, etc., etc. (Note that the wife is listed under possessions.) Very rarely is the wife acknowledged or given credit for the man’s success. What is the reason for this malady?

Perceptions of Women

Why do some men treat women in total fairness and give them the respect that they deserve, while other men treat their wife as a mere possession? Islam very firmly and clearly granted all women the God–given right of equality and fair treatment. Before this era, women were treated as inferior citizens. In Europe, the theory was that women were a sub-species between ape and human, and others propagated the notion that women do not have souls. A female child was treated with total disdain and was even buried alive to hide the “humiliation” of the parents.

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Leader versus Manager

The topic of sex has universal appeal.Sex is portrayed daily in various forms—directly or indirectly—in newspapers, magazines, cinemas, and in conversations between people.The topic of sex conjures images of sexuality, promiscuity, lewdness, adultery, fornication, pornography, rape, teenage pregnancies, pedophilia, gays, sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives, abortions, and HIV/AIDS.

Yet somehow, despite the fact that “everyone” is influenced by this topic, it seems that most parents find this topic somewhat “delicate” to discuss with their children.Children of today seem to be maturing at a faster rate than a generation ago and often ask intelligent questions of their parents.Some parents do their level best to satisfy their children’s natural curiosity.Other parents simply don’t know how to handle their fast–growing kids and often assume that the less said about the subject of sex, the better.In some homes the word “sex” is taboo, and children are often reprimanded for asking innocent questions.Parents assume that children will grow up and “they will learn,” or that the school or friends are “responsible” for sharing this knowledge.The reality is that parents who have this view are overlooking a major and significant source of correct information regarding this topic—themselves!Our children have the right to be given an unbiased view of sex, based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

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