Razan Abdul Rahman

Authority vs Leadership

The husband got the news that he was being laid off from work today. He went home and went to his room. His wife went after him, trying to get him to talk, but when he would not talk she picked up the phone and called a close friend to share the problem with her.

Does that sound familiar? Is that how your husband handles stress? Your answer might be "Everybody knows women always want to talk; they are completely different from men."

Well, unlike what is being advocated — that we males and females are entirely different in almost all aspects of life —, the fact is that we are very similar in most cases, psychologically speaking, but with only a few differences. However, acknowledging this does not automatically lead us to conclude that these differences are unchangeable, inevitable, or even have a biological base. Also, we need to know that these differences refer to the average person and not necessarily all men and women.

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