Is there another world?

Level 5 Leadership

Prof. Winood Reacle says: “The events make us wonder whether there is a world other than the one we are living in and whether we will be rewarded for our good deeds and punished for the bad ones.

Seeking eternity has been an innate tendency of men affirmed by most of the scholars. Desire to live eternally is a psychological proof that there are other spheres. Just like hunger and thirst… Thirst signifies the presence of water. This is a sincere relation between water and men. Similarly, that human feels the existence of the Hereafter is the sign that it exists. Or such a sphere must have been created. Now that the creator can run the suns and atoms equally easily; why should we be concerned?

Lord that nurtures even a tiny ant perfectly will surely give us the Hereafter. In fact, if He hadn’t wished to give us the next world, he would not have given us the feeling to desire it.

This reality has impressed all the mankind and is most unlikely to be a fallacy. He who put this thought in the hearts of mankind is also the One who will provide us with it.

A scholar who has spent forty years of his life on such matters puts it the following way.

On thinking about the Hereafter, one has to set out by feeling and admiring the laws of the universe and the artistic subtlety of the nature. Or else we would fail to solve the misery in the majesty of mankind, if we keep on assuming that the universal order is a coincidence, and life a simple adaptation. Thus, we differ from materialist basically.

It would be a big mistake to see the matter in its apparent moulds. Such an assumption amounts to assuming that life is no more than unfulfilled hopes, sorrows and death to seal all this. The cosmos with all this beauty, fine art and profound conscious must certainly be something different. For the exalted Creator of cosmos is merciful enough not to seal the end of humanity which is His most blessed creature in such a manner.

Words of Wisdom

1. Verily we are Allah’s and unto him we shall return.


2. He who blesses me once shall be ten times blessed by Allah

Prophet Muhammad

3. He who has an atom of pride in his heart will fail to enter paradise.

Prophet Mohammed

4. Allah did not give His servants anything more to be esteemed than Intelligence.

Divine Ali

5. Value of a man is measured by his good deeds.

Divine Ali

6. Present is an observatory to see past and future.


7. The key to goodness is avoiding the evil.

Divine Ali

8. One has to live a long life to see how short it is.


9. Sins rot the soul.


10. Do you know what are on the way to Paradise?


11. When the wisdom is completed, word is diminished. Divine Ali

12. The purpose of life is not life itself, but the Hereafter.


13. They, who claim to make your life easier, are really the ones who make it harder.


14. A bad friend is the most evil of all. İmam GAZÂLİ

15. Little men have big prides.


16. Hunger is better than cowardice.

Divine Ali

17. They turned around the corner accompanied, however, by Azrael.


18. There is no coincidence in outer world.

Coincidence is only in our imagination.


19. Streets are full of men and men full of streets.


20. What is high about high society?

İsmet ÖZEL

21. All flowers get wilted so that the fruits come forth.


22. Good deeds have spirits so they don’t die.


23. Coincidence is the name given to destiny by unbelievers.


24. Be strong without displaying violence, and be kind without showing weakness.

Divine Ömer

25. Pride is the most enemy of success. Prof.


26. The real path is the one that leads to Allah.

Yunus EMRE

27. Start is where the result is manifested. He who starts with

Allah ends up with Allah.


28. We have created everything with its destiny.


29. What remains in this dome eternally is a sweet voice.


30. O doctor, the fairy-faced seems to like her crazy lover.

Give up trying to cure me, let me become yet more insane.