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I feel great pleasure to be here today and talk about a topic which is very dear to me, that is THE IMPORTANCE OF MODESTY IN ISLAM.

Let us first define Modesty. It is freedom from vanity and showiness. It is decency and moderation in speech, manner, dress and total attitude and behavior towards life. It is shyness, simplicity and humility about our abilities and accomplishments.

Modesty is for both male and female. It isn't only for women as many people have the misconception. The sphere of Modesty in Islamic morality is so vast that it encompasses all aspects of human life.

Imran bin Hussain reported, God's Messenger (pbuh) said, Modesty brings nothing but qood. Modesty is part of Faith and Faith is in Paradise. But obscenity is part of hardness of the heart and hardness of the heart is in hell.

Zaid bin Talha reported, God's Messenger as saying, Modesty and Faith are companions; when one of them goes out, the other follows it. He also reported, God's Messenger said, Every religion has a character and the character of Islam is Modesty.

Modesty prevents human beings from indulging into indecency and obscenity. If they commit sin under pressure of animal nature, it is modesty which makes them feel the pangs of conscience. If we lack modesty, desires will lay complete hold of us and we will not hesitate to indulge into any sin. Modesty is a strong moral deterrent against all evil inclinations.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our Uswatun Hasana, the best example for us, was more bashful than a virgin behind her curtain. In fact, he was a perfect model of modesty.

One of the main differences between animal and human behavior is the characteristic of modesty.

Yes, Indeed! It is a real challenge to each Muslim--either to have this attribute of modesty or his rank is not better than that of the animal. Allah (SWT) says, They enjoy and eat as animals do, and Hell is their destination.

Abdullah bin Masud reported, God's Messenger as saying, Shall I not tell you who is kept away from hell, and from whom hell is kept away? Everyone who is gentle, kindly, approachable and of an easy disposition. That's what is called Modesty. SEE HOW IMPORTANT MODESTY IS IN ISLAM!?!

The Muslim woman is beautified by her modesty in dress and manners, and guarded against indecent looks and behavior - even though she may be different from everyone else around her.

Modesty is dignity, grace and adornment of a believer, given by the All-Wise Beneficent Allah (SWT), for the benefit of the Muslims and all mankind.

Abdullah bin Musalm reported, God's Messenger as saying, Modesty is a part of the teachings of the previous prophets, and anyone who lacks it may do whatever he likes.

We are 1iving in this so called free society, in which our Islamic standards of purity and modesty face the continual threat, and can easily be destroyed altogether, if we don't adhere to, the important part of Islamic morality which is modesty.


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