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Poisonous Arrow


Almost as important as foreplay and the actual act of intercourse, is the termination and conclusion of the act of copulation, which could be termed as “after play”. Many times, it happens that the husband reaches climax earlier than the wife (some women attain climax after quite a while). In such a case the husband should remain in her until she achieves climax and satisfaction. This is absolutely vital and essential for the satisfaction of the wife. Disengaging before the wife achieves climax is cruel and selfish and breeds animosity and contempt in the wife’s heart for her husband.

Furthermore, disengaging immediately after sexual union often gives the woman an impression that the man is only interested in her to gratify his lust and is merely “using” her. This is bound to affect martial harmony.

Hazrat Ali (Radiyallahu-Anhum) says in this regard:
“Await the completion (climax) of the wife before disengaging, otherwise she will become your enemy.” –RIFAATUL-MUSLIMEEN.


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