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Just as important as cleanliness in before cohabitation, so is it’s importance thereafter. In this regard, a few important guidelines, if practiced diligently, would not only entail cleanliness and purity but also ensure good health and saviour from many disease and illnesses.
The author of SHURATUL-ISLAM states that the male and female should form the habit of passing water after intercourse, else they will fall victim to an un curable and fall to an un curable and fatal disease. The reason and explanation of the above statement in the books of “Tibb” (Islamic Medical Sciences) is that at times a drop or few of semen remains within the canal, which leads too certain ailments. By urination, the canal is cleared of all such drops. A statement of a similar nature is reported from Hazrat Ali RA.

Faqih Abul-Laith Samarqandi(Rahimahumullah) states that after intercourse, the sexual organs should be washed clean as this will ensure good health. However, immediately after copulation, the male should not wash with cold water as this could result in fever. Either Warm water should be used or after an interval, when the body temperature has returned to equilibrium, even cold water could be used.

Further more, Rasulullah (Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) taught the Sahaba that they should wash themselves after cohabitation otherwise they might contract a disease that may be difficult to cure.

Immediately after copulation, no liquid should be consumed. This results in the illness of short breath. Therefore copulation should be avoided on a full-stomach. This causes dryness (Khushki) with in the body and results in thirst, whence liquids cannot be resisted, the harm of which has just been explained above.
Thereafter, both husband and wife should wipe themselves dry with a separate cloth. Wiping with the same cloth results in marital conflict and discord-RIFAATUL-MUSLIMEEN on the authority of Hazrat Ali (Radiyallahu-Anhum).


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