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Poisonous Arrow


As much as it is important to observe the correct times, it is also important to observe the preferable times for intercourse to attain maximum benefit, especially for the child-to-be.

Hazrat Ali (Radiyallahu-Anhum) observes in WSAYA: “The result of conception as a result of copulation;
-On Monday night, is a child that will be a Qari;
-On Tuesday, a generous, big-hearted child;
-On Thursday, an upright, Allah-fearing Aalim or a wise, sagacious child;
-On Friday before Juma, a child born with luck and fortune who will attain martyrdom at death;
-On Friday night, a sincere child-RIFAATUL-MUSLIMEEN
N.B. By night is meant the Islamic night, which precedes the day.


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