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The level of sexual potency varies from nation to nation, individual to individual. There are numerous factors that are influential in this regard. Even geographical and climatic conditions play their role. People of hot and humid areas such as the Arabs tend to have a higher drive than those from cold, wet areas. Some men are extremely virile while others have low libido. The same applies to women. However, on an overall basis, women have a considerably a lower sexual urge than men.

In certain instances when the woman has a higher sexual drive than a man, certain marital and health problems could arise. If this state of affairs is not remedied soon enough, the woman begins to despise and ridicule her husband and may even begin to flirt and incline towards other men, Allah forbid! The man should therefore utilize foods and vitamins that will enhance his flagging libido and hence improve his sexual life. In this way, the marriage will be saved from many calamities.


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