Poisonous Arrow

Poisonous Arrow

Poisonous Arrow

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

For the protection from shaitaan and other harms, it is important to recite the Masnoon Duas at the time of intercourse. In this way the couple and their progeny will be protected from much harm.
The respective duas for this occasion are as follows:-
“In the name of Allah, O Allah! Save us from Shaitaan and prevent shaitaan from that which you grant us”.
“O Allah! Do not grant shaitaan any share of that which you have granted me”.
Note:- 1. At the time of ejaculation, the dua should be recited in the mind only, not verbally.

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The Importance of Time in Islâm

Just as sex is prohibited during menstruation, anal sex, even though with one’s own partner is strictly prohibited in the Shariah

This abominable deed has been denounced very emphatically by Rasulullah (Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) in various Ahadith.

“The person that has anal sex with his, Allah (Rabbul-Izzat) will not look at him with mercy on the day of Qiyamah.” –Hadith

“The person that has anal sex with his wife is Mal’oon (accursed)”-ABU-DA’UD

Imam Ghazzali (Rahimahumullah) writes in IHYA that anal sex is even worse than sex during menstruation because this filthy act causes undue pain and difficulty to the woman.

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Leadership and Motivation

Changing the Character of Society

At the core of understandingis the relationship between television and consumerism. TV has provided a way for people to consume images and ideas that the average person would not have access to in the course of a typical life.

However, while this might sound like a benefit (we are constantly reminded of this alleged benefit bythemselves), TV is not simply about seeing new things. It is primarily about selling.

TV evolved hand in hand with consumerism, with its birthplace in America in the mid 20th century. As such, TV has spread the ethos of consumerism around the globe.

It has also spread a more insidious form of consumerism, namely voyeurism, in the way it reveals for public view what used to be private aspects of human life. However, the public nature of this voyeurism is obscured by the illusion of individuality when we watch TV alone or in small groups of people in our homes.

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Organizational Leadership

The launch of Playboy magazine, Indonesia, has sparked a heated reaction in the world's most populus Muslim nation.Muslim leaders condemned the publication as "moral terrorism" that destroys the nation's way of life.A group of 150 Muslims from the Islamic Defenders' Front made a peaceful protest in April this year.

The first edition went on sale April 12, featuring scantily dressed women, with no nudity, and seemed milder than other hot magazines already on sale in the country.Yet many Islamic preachers were against the publication of Playboy due to the reputation of the name alone, which provided sufficient grounds for it being banned by the government.

The chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama, the country's largest Muslim organization, said, "Indonesia is different from Europe or America, where the culture and attitudes towards nudity are totally different from ours. [Playboy] simply has no place within our social norms."

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The Importance Of Time

Almost as important as foreplay and the actual act of intercourse, is the termination and conclusion of the act of copulation, which could be termed as “after play”. Many times, it happens that the husband reaches climax earlier than the wife (some women attain climax after quite a while). In such a case the husband should remain in her until she achieves climax and satisfaction. This is absolutely vital and essential for the satisfaction of the wife. Disengaging before the wife achieves climax is cruel and selfish and breeds animosity and contempt in the wife’s heart for her husband.

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How To Start Trading: Testing Your Trading Plan

"The (evil) gaze is a poisonous arrow from the arrows of Iblis. He that abstains from it out of my fear, I will grant him in return such Imaan (faith), the sweetness of which he will experience within his heart."

It is reported in a Hadith Qudsi (a Hadith in which the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam narrates from Allah).

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Brief Explanation of Islamic Economy in the Time of Prophet Muhammad

Hazrat Ali (Radiallahu Anhum) is reported to have said in his WASA (advices):

“At the time of sexual intercourse, the following intentions should be made:

1.Protection against zina (adultery)
2.protection of the gaza from strange women
3.Attainment of pious and upright progeny who will serve Islam.

When intercourse is enjoyed with the correct intentions, then not only is an act of physical pleasure, but it also becomes an act of reward and Sawab.

In this regard the gist of a Hadith explains that even intercourse with one’s wife is rewardable and regarded as Sadaqah.

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Start Your Own Small Business

(Edited by Shahid Athar , M. D.)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

To Prophet Muhammad,
the mercy to mankind,
our teacher and guide.
May God's mercy and peace be with him
and his family. (Amin)


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Effect of Communication Barriers in Business Communication

Economic impulses and commercial forces drive globalization, but its impact goes far beyond the economy to affect all facets of social and political life. Powerful commercial interests have given rise to a commercial and commercializing global culture that, it is quite apparent, will not be satisfied until it reaches into the deepest recess of social life. Most recently the commercial global culture has generated a new form of slavery, more brutal and degrading than any form of slavery known thus far.

Millions of vulnerable women and unsuspecting children throughout the world, some as young as ten years old, are trapped into a vicious and ugly world of exploitation, disease, and abuse. These children are sold, traded, prostituted, and trafficked under the watching eyes of a world community that has decided to ignore their plight.

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What is the Importance of Images in Business?

Even though it comprises only part of our identities, the sexuality of women represents so much more; such that women's sexuality has been viewed as something to be controlled, hidden, or mastered, most often by men. Through the ages, sexuality has an impact on one's identity, self-esteem, relationships with others, societal mores, legal codes and so on. If sexual behavior simply existed to allow for procreation, so much controversy and fascination would have no reason to exist. Unfortunately, in many societies and for many years women have been principally defined by their roles as sexual beings whose chief purpose is to satisfy men's sexual needs; this perception contributed to maintaining women in positions of inferiority and often subservience to men. Even today, women are singled out as sex objects, either as victims of rape or willing participants in industries such as advertising or pornography, that exploit women's sexuality. The purpose of this chapter is to explore important issues of sexuality from an Islamic point of view in an effort to expose demeaning cultural habits which have no basis in Islam, and to offer alternative understandings of these issues based on the primary sources of Qur'an and Hadith.

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Importance of Communication in an Organization

Islamic Perspective of Sex


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What is Leadership

Can we change some Islamic laws? When someone commits zina (fornication or adultery), we should whip him 100 times, if he is not married, or to be stoned to death, if he is married. This is an old-fashioned way of punishment, and our enemies say that we are brutal. Can we make a new law for those who commit zina?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

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Qualities of a Leader

All praise is due to Allah, the One Who says:

[And do not come near to the unlawful sexual intercourse.] (Al-Israa' 17:32)

And peace and blessings be upon His slave and Messenger Muhammad, who said, "When a man commits fornication, faith departs from him and there is something like a canvas roof over his head; and when he quits that action, faith returns to him" (Abu Dawud 40:4673).

Undoubtedly, all Muslims are aware of the prohibition of adultery and fornication. However, many of us live in a Western society where this crime has become widespread and commonly accepted. This crime has even crept into some Muslim homes to the extent that we find some who are proud to see their son entering the house with a girl accompanying him. This article will define adultery and fornication in Islam; it will discuss the punishment for them and the status of one's marriage to one who commits either of them; and it will advise how to repent and how to protect yourself from them.

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Authority vs Leadership

The husband got the news that he was being laid off from work today. He went home and went to his room. His wife went after him, trying to get him to talk, but when he would not talk she picked up the phone and called a close friend to share the problem with her.

Does that sound familiar? Is that how your husband handles stress? Your answer might be "Everybody knows women always want to talk; they are completely different from men."

Well, unlike what is being advocated — that we males and females are entirely different in almost all aspects of life —, the fact is that we are very similar in most cases, psychologically speaking, but with only a few differences. However, acknowledging this does not automatically lead us to conclude that these differences are unchangeable, inevitable, or even have a biological base. Also, we need to know that these differences refer to the average person and not necessarily all men and women.

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